Environmental & Social Governance

Bear Creek Mining conducts its mineral exploration and development activities in a professional manner consistent with internationally recognized guidelines and principles for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility. Community engagement and environmental stewardship are important cornerstones of this commitment, along with a duty to promote a safe and healthy working environment.

An important objective of the Company’s CSR and Sustainable Development Strategy is to build positive working relationships with communities near our projects. Through early dialogue continued over many years, an approach based on the fundamental values of respect, honesty and transparency, and a community-centered focus on culturally relevant sustainable economic initiatives, Bear Creek has earned strong community support.

Bear Creek’s advanced projects are based on designs that take into account the highest environmental safeguards and standards and industry best practices. They reflect extensive public consultation and are compliant with all legal requirements and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Procedures in Peru.

Bear Creek Mining’s Corani community engagement heralded by Peruvian Vice President:

Nos estamos haciendo cargo GESTION, August 3, 2017  

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