About Bear Creek Mining

Bear Creek Mining is a leading Peru-focused silver exploration and development company. Our flagship Corani Project is one of the largest undeveloped silver deposits in the world. In addition to its size and projected life-span, the Corani deposit contains substantial base metal credits, is located in a mining-friendly jurisdiction and enjoys overwhelming community support. Corani contains in excess of 250 million ounces of silver, 2.7 billion pounds of lead and 1.8 billion pounds of zinc, and is expected to produce over 8 million ounces of silver and 150 million pounds of combined lead and zinc over an 18-year mine life. Corani is highly leveraged to metal prices, with a $112 million increase in NPV for every $1 increase in silver price with proportional changes in lead and zinc prices.

Bear Creek’s executives and directors have a substantial breadth and depth of experience discovering, advancing, financing, developing, constructing and operating mines in Latin America, and a demonstrated ability to judiciously manage shareholders’ investment and maximize outcomes while minimizing costs.

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